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1st Call: GFZ Friends Mentoring Program

Mentoring program for all interested PhD students, postdocs and consultants at the GFZ.

The Association of Friends and Supporters of the GFZ – GFZ Friends (short name) – is pleased to announce a new program for all interested PhD students, postdocs, and consultants at the GFZ. With this mail we are launching the "GFZ Friends Mentoring Program" for the first time. 

The Mentoring Program addresses young professionals of the GFZ, i.e. PhD students (GeoGraduates), postdocs, and consultants who are planning a scientific or science-related career or who would like to move into other fields such as business, administration or politics. 

The core of the one-year program is a mentoring collaboration between you as a mentee and an experienced specialist and/or manager who is willing to provide you with personal advice and support as your mentor.

Application Period: The application deadline is September 15, 2021.

For whom: Young professionals of the GFZ (GeoGraduates, postdocs, and consultants).

Program schedule: Application deadline 15 Sept. 2021, Mentor search (Sept./Oct. 2021), Matching process (Oct./Nov. 2021), Start of mentoring collaboration (Dec. 2021/Jan. 2022), End of mentoring collaboration (Dec. 2022/Jan. 2023).